An Interview with Chris Rill by Kennedy Shine

Your home is the epicenter of your life, but you can’t be there all the time. When you’re away from your home, even just running to the store, you’re disconnected. There are countless products on the market trying to solve this problem, but many aren’t secure and can’t guarantee your safety. For Chris Rill this is a personal problem. After coming home to a break in, he knew there needed to be a product that could keep you connected to your home, and he made it his personal mission to provide security to his friends and family by creating a new home security product: Canary.

“I was living overseas seven years ago, and my home was broken into. As any self respecting engineer would do, I sought to solve that problem”. He searched for a product that could enable him to be connected to his home when he wasn’t there. When he found no solution, he set out to create something that he, as well as his friends and family, could put in their home to keep them connected when they weren’t around.

Canary is a secure security product. These devices are recording, watching and storing very sensitive information, so Chris wanted to ensure that his product was as safe as possible. “We value security, there’s a trust that goes into putting these products in your home. You need to have that trust with those products and those companies”.

On July 22nd 2013 they launched on IndieGoGo, a leading crowdfunding campaign website. They chose IndieGoGo because of it’s unique flexibility regarding product purchase options (Multipacks, etc). In the course of four or five weeks they sold ten-thousand products and raised about two million dollars, which helped “launch the company to the world”. This however created “an immense amount of pressure for us to ship the product, and we actually missed our first deadline”.

Chris’s mission was to “connect people with the places and the people that they care about”. He believes that “enabling that connection for people has transformed the way our customers are living”. His product has received high praise, even making Oprah’s “favorite things” list this year. Canary is currently collaborating with Verizon to make a new mobile security accessory called the “Backpack”. You can visit the website to purchase his product and learn more about it.

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