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Middle and High School

Teaching Students to Become Innovators

The EdgeMakers middle- and high-school products apply the latest educational research to teach students to become innovative thinkers.

Want to bring an innovation theme to your CTE or STEM programs, re-invent your advisory periods, or incorporate
a structured approach to teaching entrepreneurship? EdgeMakers can help.

Comprehensive Assessments:
All courses include formative and summative assessments.

Common Core State Standards and Career Technical Education Standards. Approved by the University of California as college preparatory “g” electives.

Easily Adaptable:
Intentional scaffolding, extensions and additional resources support teachers in adapting EdgeMakers content to their students and school.

EM101: Innovative Thinking

This is the course on how to teach innovation as a process. The 32-lesson curriculum gives students a foundation in why creativity and innovation are not single “lightbulb” moments, but processes that can be learned, mastered and applied to any subject area or career. By the end of the course, students will be able to apply all five of the core capacities — creativity, storytelling, design, collaboration and entrepreneurship — to develop their own innovative solution to a complex “wicked” problem.

Dive Deeper!

EdgeMakers also offers full courses on each of the five capacities of innovative thinking. These 25-lesson courses provide an in-depth examination of the theory and practice behind each of these disciplines — EM1: Creativity & Innovation, EM2: Storytelling & ChangeMaking, EM3: Design Edge, EM4: Character & Collaboration, EM5: Entrepreneurs & Startups.

EdgeMakers Atom

EdgeMakers Atom is a resource library and marketplace for middle- and secondary-school teachers that provides access to hundreds of resources that can be used to promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. Built from the EdgeMakers curriculum that teaches the how-to of innovative thinking, design, creativity and entrepreneurship, EdgeMakers Atom makes it easy to bring innovation into your classroom.

EdgeMakers Studio

The EdgeMakers Studio will host digital versions of the EdgeMakers Middle and High School Product Suite. Beginning in Jan. 2018, the EM101: Innovative Thinking teacher’s guide will be available in digital format. Other courses will soon follow. Schools interested in this digital solution will also have the option of integrating student coursework via Google for Education.

“We need to teach innovation and creativity to students. The idea of schools being factories of facts needs to go away, but not to give way to non-guided creativity without purpose. EdgeMakers is what our students are missing”
– John Riddle, Teacher at Coulter Grove Intermediate School in Maryville, TN

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