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Higher Education

Preparing Students for Careers of Tomorrow

With a rapidly changing workforce and an increased emphasis on 21st century skills, the fundamentals of innovative thinking are essential for college students today. The EdgeMakers higher education products teach the process of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, to empower students with critical thinking skills that prepare them for an unknown future.

Fully Digital:
Higher education courses are online and compatible with various learning management systems (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Odigia). Instructor-led, asynchronous or synchronous.

Creative Online Collaboration:
Designed to enable innovative thinking and the creative design process in a collaborative digital environment.

Relevant and Applicable:
Academic concepts and theory contextualized in real-world situations. Assignments and projects require students to reflect and apply skills to their own lives.

Essentials of Innovation

This foundational course exposes students to the core capacities of innovation over two semesters. The first semester focuses on generating ideas (creativity) and communicating ideas (storytelling). The second semester focuses on thinking systematically (design), working with diverse groups (collaboration), and putting these skills together to generate value (entrepreneurship). Throughout the 32-lesson program, students examine these concepts from an academic and personal perspective, equipping them with a portfolio of skills and resources they can apply to any future career. At EdgeMakers, our underlying pedagogical goal is to engage students with deeper questions that have no simple answers, that can’t be answered by a mere Google search. Instead of rote learning, we encourage students to cultivate judgment and wisdom.

Digital Fluency

More than ever, students must know how to navigate the digital sphere in an appropriate, responsible and effective manner. In the Digital Fluency course, students develop skills to do this successfully. They tackle big questions on topics such as remix, crowdsourced creativity, privacy and digital ethics, the quantified self, social networking for the social good, and the role of technology in politics and education. Through creative projects and regular practice, students learn how to use a variety of digital tools, with understanding of when and why to use them.

Dive Deeper!

EdgeMakers also provides higher education courses on each of the five core capacities of innovative thinking. These 10-lesson courses provide an in-depth examination of the theory and practice behind each of these disciplines:

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Storytelling & ChangeMaking
  • Design Edge
  • Character & Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups

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“EdgeMakers’ curriculum is incredibly comprehensive and delivers what we need to teach innovation. Now that we have had an opportunity to begin working with the materials, we are incredibly impressed with the robust and extensive nature of both the tools and content provided.“
-Edmund Herod, Ph.D., Director, West Houston Institute, Houston Community College