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What is EdgeMakers?

EdgeMakers is the world’s first comprehensive learning system designed to teach creativity and innovation to address 21st century needs. Our print, digital and online solutions teach the process of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship to empower students with critical thinking skills and prepare them for an unknown future. We offer programs for middle school, high school, community college, and four-year colleges and universities. We offer an integrated portfolio of curriculum and resources that help young people and adult students thrive in life and work.

What sets EdgeMakers apart from other programs/curricula?

EdgeMakers is the only learning system in the world that explicitly defines and teaches innovation as a multifaceted discipline that any student can learn. It’s applicable to any field of study or any course you’re teaching.

By proceeding through the EdgeMakers interdisciplinary, student-centered, project-based curriculum, students grasp that they are innovative – and that innovation can be learned and mastered through the EdgeMaking capacities of creativity, storytelling, design, collaboration and entrepreneurship. By doing so, EdgeMakers students are inspired to take ownership of their own learning. Students build relevant 21st century skills that dramatically increase career readiness, entrepreneurship, and their ability to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

What types of training and professional development are available?

We offer inspiring hands-on training and professional development for teachers using our products.

Our team will design and deliver a personalized implementation plan that will include in-person or online training, as well ongoing pedagogical support, to ensure you’re positioned for success.

Are your materials print or digital?

EdgeMakers offers both print and digital content for middle school and high school.

The EdgeMakers materials for higher education are delivered and accessed via your institution’s learning management system (Odigia, Blackboard, Canvas or Desire2Learn). Please contact us (email: partnerships@edgemakers.com) if your institution employs a learning management system other than these.

In what languages is EdgeMakers available?

EdgeMakers courses are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What grades is EdgeMakers designed for?

Just as innovative thinking can be applied to any subject or career, EdgeMakers content can fit students at almost any age.

Our Middle and High School products span 5th- 12th grade. In addition to different course materials, we also offer adaptations and suggestions for various ages and levels where applicable.

Our Higher Education products are designed for community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and career/technical learning.

Is the curriculum aligned to current standards?

Yes, EdgeMakers is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and California Career Technical Education Standards. EdgeMakers can provide detailed alignment maps for educators interested in seeing how the program aligns for 5th through 12th grade.

Is the curriculum A-G approved?

Yes, all of our middle and high school courses have been approved by the University of California as college preparatory “g” electives.

How is progress assessed?

Every course includes its own assessment rubrics. Teachers are given a range of tips and tools to conduct formative assessment of students. We also provide ample methods for evaluation of overall student achievement.

How do we define innovation?

EdgeMakers defines innovation as a process spanning idea generation to the realization of value. Our core framework is “plant, grow and harvest.” In our approach, innovation emerges from a blend of the use of the five core capacities: creativity, storytelling, design, collaboration and entrepreneurship. At EdgeMakers, we also believe innovation should have a purpose, that ideas should be developed and used to create meaningful change or value in the world.

What is innovative thinking?

Innovative thinking is the thought process by which people innovate to inspire, educate and activate change in themselves and the world around them. Innovative thinking can be applied to any problem, subject or career. Rather than teaching young people to “innovate,” EdgeMakers aspires to teach “innovative thinking” so students are equipped to apply and use innovation in all aspects of their life and work.

What is a “wicked” problem?

A “wicked” problem is one that is so complex as to be apparently unsolvable. Wicked problems require innovation for their resolution. At EdgeMakers, we believe that bringing a fresh perspective — and the learned skills of creativity and innovation — to wicked problems, such as sustainability, is a must. We believe in the potential of every young person to make a difference. We believe that every student is an innovator, a designer, an entrepreneur, a storyteller, a digital citizen and a change agent, and that a global movement of young “EdgeMakers” can transform the world for the better.