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Young Innovators Can Change the World

EdgeMakers has created the only practice-based and purpose-driven curriculum to teach the how-to of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. EdgeMakers has developed courses, digital tools and resources, which prepare students for the careers of the future.

EdgeMakers learn by doing. With relevant, hands-on projects and activities, students practice and use the skills they need to succeed in college and career.

Our courses empower students to focus on the “wicked” problems they feel passionate about solving, and develop solutions to socially relevant causes.

21st Century Skills:
In the innovative thinking process, students build creative confidence, use critical thinking to solve problems, collaborate with diverse groups and communicate their ideas clearly.

The EdgeMakers curriculum is built on five core capacities that help students generate ideas, and then develop, amplify and realize value from their ideas:

What We Offer

EdgeMakers offers a full suite of products for middle-school, high-school and college-level students that all focus on teaching the process of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.

Service & Support

Teachers are central to the EdgeMaking process, and we’ll support you every step of the way. EdgeMakers offers training, professional development, pedagogical support and certification as an EdgeTeacher.

Explore EdgeMaking

“We need to teach creativity and innovation to students. We say students need to be innovative — we use that word — but we fail to teach them HOW to be innovative. The EdgeMakers approach does just that.”
—Mary Ellen West, Google certified teacher and professional development facilitator